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CRayProject, founded in 2015 is a black empowerment movement that allows artists to have a platform to be themselves. We tackle controversial topics and subject matter that need awareness. CRayProject has many umbrellas; we have expertise in dance, music, film, and more. We believe in giving our community both RAW and educational art. But most importantly working together to build our community as black and brown people through different art forms. 



"Existing beyond the pyramids"

We exist beyond the physical labors that are societally taught. Our legacy runs rich and is deeper than the pages of American textbooks. The CRayProject is the creative hub that explores the spectrum of our DNA. Existing beyond the pyramids is a reminder to dig deeper into your legacy. “Once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop.” -African Proverb

Core Values


Space and events where community members feel seen and included. Nourishing multigenerational ecosystems; while celebrating the traditions of the African Diaspora.


Amplifying voices and stories of those faced with social injustices and economic disparities through the means of performance art.


Creating platforms for artists of color to express their art, voices, talent, and experiences without judgement or compromising oneself.


Providing low-cost "elite" art and programs for those to appreciate and experience.


To help expand the minds of our audiences. Engaging a language of not only creative dialogue but of history, and generations of traditions. Keeping the voices of the culture conscious and affluent.

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